alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Black Jeans

"You look nice today," he told me yesterday. "Got an interview?" This is the standard joke in our office (and probably most offices) when somebody looks a little more dressed up than usual. I laughed. That is the standard response.

Then I turned around and shared secretively with him, "No, actually, I'm hiding the fact that I'm wearing jeans. If I look extra-nice on top, I figure nobody will notice if I break the dress code underneath." I moved my classy silk jacket to the side, showing more of my pants, and it was obvious that they were black denim.

"But jeans day isn't until friday," he reminded me in confusion.

"Yes, but I won't be here on friday."

"Oh wait, if we're not in on friday that means we can wear jeans on another day?"

Some people just don't get the idea of breaking rules.

"No," I explained patiently. "Only I can."


The only problem with wearing my black jeans yesterday is that I don't feel I can get away with wearing them again today. Normally on weeks when I have friday off, I sneakily wear black jeans on thursday to make up for missing my casual day. I always dress extra nice on top to hide the violation though.

But yesterday I felt sick, I felt fat, and I just couldn't bear the idea of dressing businesslike. Even though all we have to wear is "business casual". I originally built my outfit with my stretchy green track/yoga type pants, the comfiest pants I've ever gotten away with wearing to the office, but they looked totally out of place with the nice jacket and turtleneck.

So I wore the black jeans instead, and somehow it made me feel better. I'd considered wearing the green pants today, but talked myself into wearing khakis instead. Wow, look at me, following the rules and everything! Such a good little employee. Even if I was an hour late to work this morning.... At least I'm here, dressed, showered, and dayquilled. I'll even probably get some work done today!
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