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Sushi Talk For Four

"It's been an exhausting week at work this week, we have people visiting from the other office, we've been sooo busy," I said as I sat down in the restaurant.
"I know, you haven't even updated your website thingy since Monday," she said.
"Well, I did make one other post since then, but it was 'friendsonly' because it was about stuff going on at work."
He asked, "And S can't afford the $20 it costs to be one of your friends?"
"Oh, is that what my mom is charging these days?"
"Does anybody from your work read your stuff?"
"No. Well, not that I know of. That's why I put security over it though, just in case."
"So you came straight from work, is this how you look at the office?"
"Yeah, pretty much, at least this is one version of me at the office."
"And did you wear your black jeans?"
"Actually, I am, yes, I did it again today! See? That's why I've got the jacket on. This one's wool though, not the same as last week."

"You work right off the freeway? Where do you work anyway?"
"Right near the ConFusion hotel, you were there back in January."
"Oh so you could directly commute between your office and the Con."
"Well I suppose I could in theory, but I'd really need to go home to pick up supplies. You know, togas, cellophane, pirate hats, etc."
"You could just wear your costume to work."
"I think that might be too severe of a dress-code violation. You can't just toss a nice wool jacket over a toga and expect nobody to notice."
"True, the saran wrap might be a little obvious too."

"I think he's a lot like that."
"I don't think I really know you enough to be able to say either way."
"INTP, that's me, that's all you need to know."
"What's that mean?"
"Personality tests, you know, Myers-Briggs."
"You know, it's supposed to explain everything about who a person is."
"That's great if you remember what the letters mean. I have my type but I can never remember it, so it's stored here in my Palm."
"You keep it in your Palm?"
"Yes, I guess that might say something about my type right there... Yeah, see, here it is. I'm INFP. I even have the explanation recorded, because I forget what it means."
"You're no 'I', you're not an introvert."
"No really, I am! I'm very shy."
"That's the thing about these tests, it totally depends on how you're feeling when you take the test, and people change over time."
"No but I am an introvert, I'm very shy, I'm afraid of people."
"An introvert wouldn't wander around a science fiction convention in a toga."
"Or nothing but saran wrap."
"Well yes, they might...."
"Also you're too friendly and outspoken."
"What I've read, and it makes a lot of sense to me is: an introvert isn't necessarily somebody who's quiet and anti-social. An introvert can learn to be social, to speak in groups, and might behave just the same as an extravert. But the definition comes from where your emotional/mental energy is expended and replenished. An introvert re-energizes themselves when by themselves, while an extravert needs to be around other people to re-energize. I can spend time in groups, and I enjoy hanging out with my friends, but it can be draining. I need my alone time to recharge."

"So I went to the Michigan Democratic Convention last week."
"Really? I didn't know we were still having politics right now."
"Yeah, it's not an election year anymore is it?"
"Actually there's a school board election coming up soon. The governor bought us lunch."
"You had lunch with the governor?"
"Only sort of, me and 1200 other people."
"Do you have to pay to go to these things?"
"They don't charge you to vote."
"No the convention, do you pay to go to that?"
"They're not allowed to charge an elected official."
"Did you pay anyway?"
"Yes of course."
"But doesn't that defeat the purpose of the free lunch?"
"What are the consequences of not paying?"
"No, by law they're not allowed to charge you."
"Yes I know that, but still what are the consequences of not paying?"
"There aren't any, that I know of."
"They impeach you!"
"No, they can't do that."
"They don't let you in."
"They have to let you in."
"They probably just don't tell you where the convention is the next year."

(Darn, there were lots more fun conversational snippets, including inflatable keyboards, bicycle pedal-cams, aliens, XP, and more -- but that's all I remember currently.)
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