alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

So Much Snow

Snowy Backyard

Long Snowy Driveway
I took these pics with my treo this morning, planning on posting about how weary I am of winter, and how it saddens me that even the beauty of snow-covered bushes and translucent icicles does nothing but make me feel cold and tired. It would have been a lovely post, poingant yet humerous, full of humanity.

But then I got to work, and all heck had broken loose, and I had no time to do anything but upload the pictures and occasionally glance at them forlornly.

It's been a rough day. Even the snow doesn't seem so bad: at least it's outside where I am not. Even my very long and unshoveled driveway is calling me home. I drove over it this morning, like yesterday morning, too annoyed with the snow to shovel it one more time.

Now I wish I was there, shoveling away. Or better yet, on the couch with a cat or two. One hour and twenty minutes left. Maybe the sun will come out.
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