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Phone Post: Airplanes and Stars and Dentists

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“airplane light, airplane bright
first airplane i see tonight
wish i may, wish i might
have this wish i wish tonight
-- i'd like a new lunchbox please!

So I saw an airplane this evening. Well I thought it was a star, i thought it was the FIRST star, so i was going to make a wish...but it was an airplane. But it's all right, because you know, I don't really use lunchboxes anymore anyway.

But that was [the plot of] one of my favorite books as a kid. There was this little mouse (I think it was a mouse), and he wanted a new lunchbox, so he wished on a star... and really that's mostly all I remember, or at least it's not all that important.

[Actually I now feel moved to finish the story while transcribing, because it's a delightful story, even though I don't remember the name or author of the book. This little boy mouse, he has an old childish lunchbox. All of the other kids at school had cool new ones, with trucks, and planes, and cool stuff on them. So he wishes on the evening star for a lunchbox. But the next morning, his mother hands him his old lunchbox. Then in school he learns that the stars are really far away, so he thinks he just has to shout louder. He shouts his wish for several days in a row, each night a little louder, until you see *in the pictures* that he has shouted loudly enough that his mother hears him. But that detail isn't in the text, just the picture. The next morning, his mother hands him his lunch in an awesome new lunchbox, just as cool as anything his friends have. That night he thanks the star, and you see him mother watching with a secret smile. It's a sweet little story. Now back to my phone post....]

I went to the dentist today, and I got my teeth cleaned. And it was awful and horrible, but I survived. And I like this dentist, I think. So I think I'm going to let her fill my other cavity in two weeks. The main question is whether I freak out, or whether I go to the appointment. So let's all hope I go to the appointment instead of freaking out -- that's my current goal.

Um -- that's all I have to say, I mostly wanted to tell you about the airplane thing. So...bye!”

Transcribed by: renniekins

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