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Language Problems - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Language Problems
During the afternoon part of today's meetings, J walked in with a stack of Frosties from Wendy's (ice cream-like drinks). He had like 20 of them, one for everybody! "Frosty break," he informed us as he passed them out.

We happily took a break and dug into our icy treats. Just as we were finishing, the meeting facilitator (who happens to have been born in India) was making some sort of comment. He pointed across the table, and asked, "What do you call that, that floozy?"

We all stared at him in confusion, unsure of what he was trying to say. Giggling a little with embarrassment. He seemed to be pointing to W, a very nice woman. Half in jest, I asked the obvious question: "Are you calling W a floozy?"

"No you know, the drink, the floozy?" And we realized that he was pointing at one of the Frosty cups which were between him and W.

We corrected him, and somebody commented, "You can only get away with that by being from another country, eh?" He asked what his word meant, but we told him that we probably shouldn't say... and he probably didn't want to know.

Then another fellow (we have a few guys from other countries) said a non-english word I didn't recognize, and one guy started laughing and blushing. Our facilitator still didn't follow though, apparently that wasn't his language either.

"You can probably guess approximately what it means," I told him, "by the color of our faces, those of us who do know."

Fortunately W took it well!
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