alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A few things

I filled up my car's gas tank yesterday, and it cost me almost $30. That's a lot, for me! Sheesh gas has gotten expensive....I haven't had to buy it at this current high yet. As I put the cap back on, I thought to myself, "I haven't had to spend this much yet. I've been spoiled."

For some reason, that's a natural response for me, to think: oh lucky me, look how spoiled I am, that $30 seems like a lot! But then I realized: that's completely not true. I haven't paid this much because I intentionally bought a small car. I haven't paid this much because I intentionally moved to a home close to my work. I'm not spoiled, and I shouldn't feel embarrassed for not spending a lot on gas. If anything, I should feel proud. I've made fuel-efficient and environmentally sound choices.


Speaking of body odor, a group of us were standing in a cubicle aisle here at work. We were chit-chatting about various things. When our boss left the conversation, I decided that was our clue to break it up and get back to work, so I headed back to my desk.

One of the guys was taking up the whole aisle, leaning on the wall with his hand. I'm short, so I just ducked my head and walked underneath his arm. "Sorry, I was about to move," he told me.

"That's okay, no worries, I don't mind ducking."

He glanced at his arm/armpit with some concern. "It didn't stink or anything, did it?"

"I don't know, because I made certain to hold my breath just in case." Everybody got a good chuckle out of this, but it was true. I never breathe when I'm near somebody's armpit. Why risk it?


Speaking of risk, I have been mentally and physically going through my possessions, trying to figure out what I need to bring to Europe, what I'm missing, and so forth. I found a clearance set of panniers at REI that should do well for bicycle luggage, I hope, although I can return them if I find something better. And a light purple "cool wick" (or whatever it's called) sports bra. I want to make sure most of my cycling clothes are the kind that pulls moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. I think I have enough now; I don't need that much since I plan on occasionally washing things out in the hotel sinks (another good reason for quick-drying!).

I'm still unsure of what to wear when not cycling though. In the evenings I'll want to wear nice dinner clothes, but I also have to carry 3-4 days of supplies in my panniers. I think skirts and sundresses maybe -- easy to pack, and acceptable in a wide range of dress codes. Now I just have to see if I like anything I own, and if it still fits or not. (And how wrinkle-proof it is!)

I'm terribly distracted these days, because whenever my mind wanders I start mentally packing, organizing, and rearranging. Hopefully I'll have it all figured out before I go though! And if not? Well, that's what my credit card is for I guess....
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