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the story of an invisible girl
A few things
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renniekins From: renniekins Date: April 14th, 2005 06:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh absolutely, and I'm sure it wouldn't get passed -- it's just a fantasy of mine. Semi-trucks, as a rule, drive rationally and stay to the right. But it seems like these days we've got suburbanites with trucks practically as big, zipping through traffic like they're in sports cars! There should be a penalty.

I'm okay with agreeing to disagree, and certainly yours is not as bad as the giants on the road that I truly hate. My feelings about yours are mixed, and I understand why you have it. My feelings about the monstrosities are much stronger. For every individual purchase, there are valid reasons for it. But as a whole, it is a problem that just gets worse and worse as more and more people decide they need bigger and bigger vehicles.

But speaking of accidents -- I was able to walk away from mine 2 years ago, even though my poor baby was wrecked. And it was an SUV that didn't see me (and didn't even stop after!) that ran me off the road (although I admit that's more an idiot driver in an SUV problem, than just an SUV problem, but it still angers me).

Had he hit me, the story would have been much different I'm sure.... This guy at work (who drives an enormous truck) said to me awhile back, "Come on you're in claims, you know that the bigger guy always wins." I didn't know what to say to that, but I was appalled. This amazes me. To be safer on the road, knowing it's at the expense of others' safety? Sure it's his choice, but it's one of the most selfish and calloused choices I've ever heard.
read 40 comments | talk to me!