alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Foo Land

Last night I participated in a sacred Foo Summoning Ritual. As everyone knows, the Foos are a gentle nomadic race that lives in wooded areas. It took me awhile to discover them for myself, because Foos abhor technology. They stay away from cities, and they fear motored vehicles.

I will never forget my first encounter with the Foos: it was while skiing up north this past winter. Of course the Foos love silly antics, and we were filled with such glee upon finally meeting them! Afterward, we took this jovial picture outside their home. Then we skied on our way, hoping against hope to meet them again one day.

When bicycling through the forest last week, we suddenly sensed: this is also a Foo Land. There were no Foo anywhere in sight, but we could tell they had made their home there in the past.

Thinking about it, we realized -- the Foos must still be traveling. After all, they are a gypsy race. They winter up north. Then they pack up all their belongs, say goodbye to all of their favorite trees, then make their merry journey south for the warmer months. They will probably be coming into the area very soon, looking for a comfortable woodland to spend their summer.

Thus was the idea was born. A fire-side summoning ritual, to help the Foo find their way. To show them that they will be welcome and safe here.

For all of these images, we were only able to capture brief camera-phone snapshots. High-tech digital cameras would just drive the Foo away! The Foos hate technology, but for some reason the mobile phones don't bother them very much. Perhaps because they understand that we cannot use telepathy like they, so we must use some other means of communication.

The ritual began by looking deeply into the fire, focusing on thoughts of Foos, thoughts of warmth and happiness, thoughts of home.

The ritual then intensified as the Fire-Eyed Man brought his mental powers into play, then the Fire-Fly Girl mimicked a classic Foo stance.

By then, we could feel the mental energies of the Foo all around us -- the ritual was working. Then the dancing began, because of course Foos love music and dancing! I truly do not know if we were dancing to convince the Foos, or if the Foos had convinced us to dance. All I know is that we were dipping each other like there was no tomorrow, and dancing with everything we had!

We concluded by lifting our arms imploringly to the sky, to the trees, to the Foos alive and dancing around us like fireflies.

There was a final "shakin' of the booty", a favorite pastime of the mischievous Foo, and the ritual ended. I can only hope that it was enough to convince the Foo to join us! It will be a lonely summer without them.

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