alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Best Dentist Appointment EVER!

Today I returned to the dentist, because I was supposed to have the filling from two weeks ago finished up. I managed to block it out all weekend, but this morning driving into work the memory hit me with a flash of fear and adrenalin. Return to the Dentist -- ahhh!

I tried to reassure myself that it would be no big deal, there would be plenty of novocaine and gas, I'd be relaxed and pain-free.... but phobias do not respond well to logical thinking. I fretted about it all morning.

When I arrived at the dentist, she put me on the gas right away. Then she took a few x-rays, then left me alone for awhile. I tried to relax in the chair, feeling slightly-high-but-not-very, wondering how long I'd be there. The plan two weeks ago was that I would come back today and either get a root canal or just complete the filling and have an inlay put on. Depending on how the original drilling felt, and how I was healing.

"How's your tooth?" she asked me. I explained that it felt...okay. Not hot or cold sensitive, not even a little bit -- but it was tender when I bit directly on something hard, like granola or some such. She wandered off to look at the x-rays and think things over.

When she came back, she said her recommendation was to do.... nothing!!! She felt we would be rushing into things to do a root canal now, because it still looked like it may heal on its own. Even completing the filling might aggravate something, and she didn't want to risk that since I'm going out of town.

She knew we were only rushing because I'm going on vacation, and if it's not currently bothering me we shouldn't tempt fate. She believes that if we just give it a little more time, it will heal and not need a root canal at all. So she gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. If it starts to bother me on vacation, I should start taking that right away, and we'll do the root canal as soon as I get back. If not, which is what she suspects will happen, then we'll just finish up the filling at our convenience when I return.

So basically I relaxed in a comfy chair and enjoyed some free nitrous oxide. I had a couple of x-rays, read some Readers Digest, then went home pain- and procedure-free. If only all my dentist appointments could go this well!
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