alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

When in Rome...

(Warning: not the least bit "politically correct")

I'm glad they got the whole pope thing sorted out now, before I arrive in Rome next month. I'm also quite relieved that he didn't die while I was there either! Sheesh, what a way to mess up a vacation -- Popeapalooza. I mean, it'd be interesting being there during such a historic occasion, but yikes, the crowds! The swarms of mourning religious getting in the way of my sight-seeing!

I'm religious, even christian in fact, but not catholic. In my opinion the pope is just this guy, y'know? The passing of a loved one is a sad thing, but he wasn't MY loved one; I never even met him.

Maybe I'll meet the new fellow, since I'll be visiting his 'hood and all.

Anyway, the pope is dead, long live the pope, and all that good stuff! One less thing to have to worry about for my trip....
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