alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Penguicon and Snow

Tomorrow I leave for Cleveland -- lucky me! This morning I hired myself a lovely rental car, so that all of my coworkers can travel with me. When driving to Penguicon today, I figured, "Why not drive the rental car? That way I don't have to pay for gas...besides, now it's blocking my car in the driveway."

So there I was this morning, backing my rental car down the driveway. I noticed the snow all over my windshield --

...let me pause for a moment here, and ask: what the hell is up with the snow? Why is it snowing all over my daffodils, when it's practically May?? (antisorbate, sitting next to me right now, suggests that perhaps the snow is because penguins like ice so much.) I just don't believe this is fair nor acceptable. What ever happened to global warming? Somebody suggested perhaps we should squirt some aerosol cans toward the sun to encourage it to come more quickly....

-- so anyway, backing down my driveway, I saw the snow on my windshield. So I grabbed the gear shift and threw the car into drive.

Oops. That's where the windshield wiper control is on my car! Fortunately I hadn't been going very fast, so after a few startled glances around (Slow realization: "Wait, this isn't the direction I was going before!"), I was able to resolve the problem.

Eventually I got the car's controls all figured out, and I zipped off to the con. Now I'm sitting here, preparing to watch a live rendition of the Buffy musical. As I was driving though, I was entertaining myself by trying to compose journal entries in my head. I'm not sure why... other than that I found my windshield-wiper-failure to be mildly amusing. I hope you found it so also?

Actually, I tried to tell this story verbally to my Con Roommate a little while ago, but it fell flat. When I tell stories aloud, I have trouble. I think it's because I try to add in too many details and explanations, then the humor is lost... or at least obscured. Excessive details kill a story, especially an oral story.

I had another story to tell, but I've forgotten it. With luck, I'll remember it...someday....
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