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Skating exhibition tonight!

I'm worried about it though, because 4 members of our 20-person team will not be there. Fortunately we have two "alternates", who will be able to fill two holes, but that still leaves two holes empty. Skating with people missing always messes up the program, because a lot of the tricks depend on everyone being in precisely the right spot.

I remember 3 years ago, we did an exhibition with a person missing. Actually no, that's not true - the regular skater wasn't there, but an alternate skated her spot. She was right next to me. This was right of the beginning of the competetive season that year. Near the end of the program, our line came whipping around backwards out of a circle, then was supposed to step forward on one foot in unison (well, everything's done in unison, that's why it's called Synchronized Skating). Anyway, the alternate wasn't a very strong skater, and when we stepped forward she stumbled. Just a bit, but it meant her foot kicked sideways to catch her. Right into where I was skating. She kicked my foot out from under me. We were going so fast, and suddenly both feet were behind me, and I bellyflopped onto the ice. I couldn't even get my hands under me, although both my wrists hit the ice trying - I was trying to keep my head from hitting, but failed, and my forehead hit the ice so hard it bounced.

I remember sprawling there face-down and for a second I thought, "I'll just stay here; I don't want to get up yet." But then I got up anyway, caught up with the line, and finished the program. The whole audience clapped when I got up. I was wearing the bright red dress, and the entire front was white from the snow on the ice.

Turned out I had a minor concussion, and was incredibly sore the next day, but basically okay. Didn't get skated over or anything, didn't break anything, so that was lucky.

Hm, well that wasn't where I was planning on going with this entry. Oh well. I expect tonight will be fine. We might not skate the best - meaning we might mess up some tricks because of the holes - but both our alternates are great skaters, and the whole team is very strong. It's the end of the season, not the beginning (like in the story I just told), so it should be okay.

Hopefully we won't look awful though, hopefully we won't mess up too badly. I hate performing with so many people missing. It's just embarrassing to skate badly, and have all those friends/family see you have a poor performance. Especially when it's not the fault of the people on the ice, that four couldn't make it... Well, maybe we'll skate well anyway. We did practice a couple of times with the holes last week.

Next week, thursday, we leave for the National Championships....a good performance tonight would definitely help get us in the mood for the competition, when it really counts...!!!

Oh, and I know I was really inspired by Sarah's incredible performance last night! Too cool. Let's just all skate like that tonight!
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