alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Schrödinger's Piano

[We played laser tag today, a team-building exercise, then we ate at the Winking Lizard again. Many silly conversations were had. I only remember this one.]

We still need a nickname for Xxxx....
We have one, his nickname is Babou.
But isn't that his real name?
Yes, it's his middle name.
We can't use his real name, it has to be weird and made-up.
Well that will just be a placeholder, until we come up with a better one.
Isn't Babou from The Jungle Book?
No, you're thinking of "Balou", the bear.
Ah yes, the bear necessities.
"Baboo" is from Seinfeld, he's the one who Jerry convinces to open a restaurant with his name on it but then something goes wrong and he calls Jerry a very bad man -- do you remember it now?
I think so maybe...
I keep thinking "Baboo" is from the Peanuts, "my sweet Baboo".
Yes, the piano girl!
You know, the one who leans on the piano all the time and is in love with Schrödinger.
No wait, he's the one with the cat. Schroeder. Schroeder plays the piano.

[After this, quite a lot of conversation followed which turned out to be largely incorrect, because apparently we do not know our Peanuts characters nearly as well as we thought we do. My favorite was always Linus though...although this fact is only tangentially related to my story.]
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