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Success, survival...

...not a bad skate this evening. Nothing extraordinary, but we all did okay. No injuries, no disasters. We are notorious for skating poorly at exhibitions. Everyone comes straight from work, struggling through rush hour traffic, we don't have time to focus and prepare properly as a team. So we often screw up and look pretty bad. We weren't great out there this evening, but nor did we disgrace ourselves. *shrug* I'll take it. We'll be awesome next week, when it counts!

Sb was supposed to come see us skate. Well, he arrived, but late enough that he didn't actually see any of the skating. Oh well. Also A was thinking of coming, but also didn't end up making it. On one hand, I'm a bit sad because I do love sharing my sport with my friends, and this was my last chance this year. On the other hand, it's just as well, because we didn't have an awesome performance. I prefer my friends to come to competitions, not exhibitions. My team is best under pressure. We are good when it counts, but not always otherwise.

I will get a videotape of nationals, and force people to watch it later on.
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