alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Home Finally

I was home for a whole hour before it was time to leave again. My cats weaved their way through the multiple pieces of luggage strewn just a few feet from the front door, watching me change clothes/ check my messages/ glance through email/ rush around. "When will you sit down," they seemed to say. "Can't we cuddle soon? We've missed you."

Then my sister came over, and we zipped downtown to go see Hairspray. Our season tickets fell on an inconvenient night, but fortunately I got back in town just in time. It was a great musical, lots of fun. As we were driving back home after, our conversation naturally turned to our upcoming vacation.

"The only bummer is that I have my period right now," she told me with annoyance.

"But that's good, isn't it? So you won't have it on vacation?"

"No, it means I'll most likely get it again when we're in Rome."

"Well.... when in Rome...."

She snorted. "You know that's not what that means!"

I was laughing too. "I know, but isn't it great? Since we're going there, we can use that phrase all the time!

"I'm going to be hearing it a lot, aren't I?" It came out as an exaggerated sigh combined with a stifled giggle.

"Oh yes! I'm still trying to work in a comment about all roads leading there too, but I haven't quite found the best context yet. It will come though, don't worry. There are so many expressions about Rome: this trip is going to be so great!"
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