alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Random Synapses Firing

I downloaded the music from the Buffy musical, because it's periodically been running through my head ever since I saw it performed last week at Penguicon. Those are some catchy little tunes, surprisingly! I even remembered several from when SGT shared it with me a couple years ago.

I always enjoy a good musical, television or stage. I saw Hairspray on stage Friday, which was very different but also fun!

Maybe it's just that I like singing. I also did karoke on Thursday, with my coworkers. It was fun! I sang way more than usual -- perhaps because I was out of town, or perhaps just because all week Curly and I had been so enthused about the idea of singing stuff.

A coworker loaned me a suitcase to take to Europe. I think it will be a good size to accommodate my various luggage and bike equipment. Not that I've packed.... Wow I really need to do that! Right now!

I also stopped at a travel store and bought a little kit with an inflatable pillow, an eye mask, and earplugs. I'm determined to sleep on the airplane, so that I can properly enjoy Paris when I arrive!

I haven't ridden my bike in the past week, because it's been cold and icky out. Well, I'll get lots of biking soon enough. Maybe my butt will be more sore than ideal, but it'll still work out okay. One way or another. I've done quite a bit of preparatory biking, after all.

My mind is wandering, and my attention shooting out many different directions at once. Too much to think about, so I'm half-paralyzed with trying to do it.

My tooth has been bothering me a little bit, which scares me. Not a ton, but just occasionally enough to notice it. I think it's just going to get worse, which leads to the obvious question: how long will it take? I planned on calling the dentist, but I haven't. Denial, panic, avoidance, something like that. I'll just take along my antibiotics and plenty of advil, and I'll hope it holds out until I get back.

I also downloaded a simple Palm word processing program, because I intend to write a lot about my vacation experiences. I have a little folding keyboard, and now that I'm not constrained by the piddling size of the "memo" application, I should be able to record my experiences fairly well. With luck!

Thanks to those of you who've donated to my Race For the Cure page. It makes me happy! I'm looking forward to making your pictures, postcards, etc. (Don't worry, there's still plenty of time for anybody else who wants to. I'll post another reminder when I return. But if you want a European postcard, you have to request it by thursday afternoon.)

I've been mentally packing for weeks, putting things out, etc -- it's time to actually put stuff in a suitcase and get outta here. Too bad it's already after midnight....

I've misplaced my favorite razor, and it's really bugging me.

I really like capers. sherdeb and SS and I had a nice conversation about capers last night. Well, not actually capers, exactly, but they did come up. No really! It was awesome hanging out with the two of them.
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