alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Saturday Morning

It's saturday morning, and I am in bed, using my business laptop and an unknown generous neighbor's wireless connection. This is the life! I should do this all the time -- except that, well, eventually I suppose work would take away their laptop if I stopped coming in. That plus piddling little things like food...eventually my Krave bars will run out...but hey, some places deliver, and they take credit cards, right?

Just as long as work keeps direct-depositing those paychecks...or wait, those might stop eventually too. Darn.

I'm working on my trip report, in theory. (In actuality, I'm updating my LJ, but you knew that didn't you?) It's coming along pretty well, although I don't have all of my photo tools here on my laptop.

Still have a cold, but fortunately it's not one of those "oh please let me die now" colds, just one of the "ugh my head is puffy and drippy" sorts of colds. It's pretty manageable, especially from this little laptop throne I've created out of my bed.

Very soon, I will answer all of your questions/comments soon -- anonymously. There's still time to ask one! Well, obviously I won't be anonymous, I'll be Renniekins. But you'll be anonymous. Or your question will be, depending on which I choose. Does that make sense? I'll reveal either the person asking, or the question, so you can easily find yours. Perhaps an example is in order... ah heck, you'll understand once I start doing it. Just wait until then.

Speaking of names (which we aren't, but we were a few days ago), I named the bike I rode in Europe Silver. Even though she's actually red in color. My sense of humor is quirky enough that I thought that made the name funnier. Also, we'd grown to think of our bicycles as nobel steeds, and "Silver" was the first horse's name that popped into my head. I liked to exclaim, "Hi ho Silver, away!" as I started a nice steep downhill.

When I went for a bike ride on MY bike last weekend, I realized that he has no name. Then I noticed that my bike actually IS fairly silvery in color. Naturally, this led me to name him Red. A a subtle tribute to Silver, who is still out there somewhere wandering the backroads of Europe. I hope she's being treated well.

Silver and Red's genders have never been fully defined, and I tend to switch pronouns arbitrarily when speaking of either.

Oh yeah, and I have a new icon! Made from my Provence picture posted earlier. Like it?
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