alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

MummyFest 2002!

I had a great time tonight - or last night, however you want to look at it.

(4am is kind of a borderline time. Not really the next morning, but not really the night anymore either. My personal rule has always been that morning/the-next-day occurs either (1) when you wake up, or (2) when you see the sun rise, whichever happens first. I've never approved of beginning a new day at midnight, because I'm usually still up finishing the previous day at that time. But my rule takes care of all-nighters, mornings where you get up incredibly early before the sun, and days when you sleep 'til afternoon. It resolves all issues, in my opinion. But tonight is complicated, because I slept a little bit already, just an hour or so, but then had trouble sleeping so popped downstairs to have some cereal and play on the computer until I'm tired enough to go back to sleep. Which is why I'm finding it difficult to determine if it's currently today, tomorrow, or still yesterday.)

Um, anyway. I had a few friends over for what I arbitrarily decided to call MummyFest 2002, for no better reason than it sounded kinda cool. Basically we just watched the two mummy movies. Since this year my team is skating to music from The Mummy, I'd been planning on watching the movies ever since September. I saw the first when it came out (3 years ago?), but not the second, and I thought it would be good inspiration and entertainment to see them both.

Well, I never got around to it, and I suddenly realized the skating season will end in under 2 weeks, and I still hadn't seen the movies! So, the MummyFest. We had popcorn and various snacks, ordered pizza between the movies, and generally had a good time. Only 4 people (aside from me) made it, but actually that was a good number considering the limited number of seats currently in my television room. A fun evening.
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