alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A couple of random administrative notes

One: Did you fill out my poll? If you didn't, please do. If you don't mind. I mean, it's not like you have to, but it'd make me happy.

Two: I was just informed today that the Race For The Cure is this Saturday!!! Wow, time totally got away from me because I had no idea. If anybody else would like to donate, that'd be awesome. Just click the link. I'll happily make you a personalized photo by request, or send you a postcard from... well, I guess Royal Oak or Detroit or somewhere. Anyway just make a request, and I'll attempt to fulfill it.

Three: was there anybody I promised a European postcard who didn't get one? Gosh, I hope not. I sent postcards to everyone on my list, but it's possible I didn't write down everyone, or some didn't actually make it through the mail.... I know I've heard from a few people who received theirs, but not everyone.

Four: Wow, now I'm a permanent user. I wasn't sure it was really worth it, but then I figured, what the heck why not. I am kind of an addict, after all.

Five: While simplykimberly was here, she helpfully set me up on her smtp server for use by my Treo. The one my wireless provider gave me has been broken for many many weeks, even after I spent over an hour on the tech-support line. Now I can send emails again, with much less trouble than I would have suffered calling the darn help desk again! This makes me happy, because it means Treo Picture Posts are back. The duct tape basketball hoop was just the beginning.

Six: Pick up sticks. No, I'm kidding: there is no six. I have nothing more to say right now... but soon I'll post some more trip stuff. Keep your eyes open!
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