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Seems like practically all I write about these days is skating. Well don't worry: it will all be over soon, and then I'm sure I'll go back to angsting about other things, and ranting about the insanities that keep insisting upon occurring in my life....

Or maybe not. Who knows.

So last night was our final "regular" practice of the year. Hard to believe the season's almost over! We leave for the national championships Thursday morning. We have a few short competition practices over the weekend, then we compete Sunday. Last year we took second. The previous two years we took first. This year we are striving to take back our title. We want to be National Champions again, darn it!

Practice went fairly well last night. Our coach worked us hard, made us do a lot of runthroughs back-to-back. The competition practices are only 10 minutes long, which means you have to get out there and do two runthroughs quickly. It can be really tiring. We did okay doing them last night, got in the right mood, and felt pretty good.

I think we'll do all right Sunday. All I want is for us to skate our program well, have our best performance of the year, do it cleanly and smoothly. I know we're capable of it - we just have to pull it all together at the right moment. I think we can do it. We're generally good under pressure. Then....well I just hope our best skate is good enough to win!

I'm also planning on having fun in Lake Placid. I like my roommates, I like my teammates, and it's a cute little town. We're not allowed to go skiing, but I'm hoping to ride a bobsled, for one thing. Of course I'll watch a lot of the rest of the competition. Don't know what else I'll do, but hopefully it'll be a good weekend.

Just three days of work this week! Well, two, since this day's practically over now....
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