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Time to build an ark?

It was so cute: after David (11 years old) and Kim and I went wading on sunday, and he helped clear the drains to de-flood the street, he kept hoping it would rain again. He had so much fun -- we all did! Then the rest of the night he kept opening my front door and going onto my porch, checking the sky for rain.

Naturally when the rains came again today, I immediately thought of David. It's such a bummer he left before today's flood -- he would have loved it!

Yes, I said today's flood.... it happened again. And honestly, I would say it was actually worse than on sunday! On sunday, the highest point of my street was only an inch or two deep. Today, the water covered my ankles there. Seriously! At the lowest part of the street, where the drain is, the water almost reached my knees.

Quite a bit of the grass was submerged along with the street. I waded out and cleared the two drains with my feet again, then splashed my way down to where a couple of neighbors were standing. "Got a canoe?"

They both laughed. They were standing on either side of the street, shoes still on, shouting across the lake in order to communicate with one another. I commented that it was seriously deep enough that a canoe would float, and how much I'd love a picture of somebody canoing down the street. Then I went back inside to wash my feet, leaving my door open.

A short while later, I heard my neighbors hollering my name. I glanced at my door, and saw flashbulbs going off. Somehow, I knew. I grabbed my camera and went running back outside.

Time to build an ark

There was one of the men from a few houses down, determinedly paddling his way down the street in his kayak!

It's got to be one of the funniest things I've seen in quite awhile. Kind of a bummer that I'd just cleared the drains though, because he really only needed another inch or two to actually get speed -- he was able to paddle, but only barely.

Eventually he reached the end of Lake Wellesley, as we christened it, and I asked him, "How does it feel to be a pioneer? You're the first person to boat on Lake Wellesley."

Afterward he got out and waded back, pulling it back toward his house. A car drove by, and somebody said to the driver, "Hey, boats get priority in this area! And this is a No-Wake Zone, you know."

Flood 2

We then started a debate about property values. We figure that our property values should skyrocket, now that we have lakefront property. But the big question is: will it be enough to compensate for the basketball hoop duct-taped to the tree???
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