alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Arles to Cavaillion, Monday May 9th

"Three sights, one hill, but no sheep"

We got up early, because Monday was a day of hard riding with plenty of sights and hills. We reluctantly left our hotel's charming little courtyard in Arles, then climbed on the bikes. Lynn and I rode with Adam this day, though we split up briefly -- I rode the "default" route which was 65km, while Lynn and Adam bravely took a detour which added on two extra hills!

We began with some flat roads with pretty scenery. I worked on perfecting my "taking one-handed pictures while bicycling" technique. I got pretty good at it, although some of my scenery shots are a bit blurry. I had the most fun taking behind-the-back pictures of the people riding behind me. Sometimes they were crooked, but lots of them came out quite nice -- see?

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