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Poll Answers

Answers to questions, comments, etc, from last week's poll!

What was the coolest thing you saw on your recent vacation?
Now that is a really tough question. In 20 days, I really saw a whole lot of amazing sights, and had a whole lot of incredible's hard to narrow it down to just one. But I remember one time in Tuscany, we'd ridden up a huge hill/mountain/thing. Then we rode along a ridge for awhile, and we stopped at one point a on peak to admire the view. I was surrounded by gorgeous countryside in every direction I looked. I started pointing my camera around, trying to capture it. I realized it was completely impossible... it was simply too vast to capture inside a picture frame, so I gave up. It was just something I had to experience; I just had to heave my bicycle up many kilometers of hills and absorb it.

Yes, definitely I'd like to do that. And yeah, your "improvement suggestion" is a good one, thanks for the reminder.

I don't know, but I'd really love to set up a dinner with you and your roomie -- I'll send an email! (:

Sounds good to me. I'm shy about coming to things, but I will come by sometime!

Drinks and darts sounds fun. When?

Yes, definitely! I love pixies, and i can't wait to be one. And yeah, I need to attend more MoRs too.

The answer isn't 'yes', but it's more complicated than 'no' either. But I'm working on it, and I'm okay.

Be online more often to chat with
Yup, that I can do.

Comment on my posts (even if I never comment on yours!)
Okay okay, I'll work on my commenting skills! *smile*

know any gay bois!?
Well I do know a few, but I don't think I know any single ones.... I'll keep my eyes open though. (:

i'd like to see you finish your trip webpages soon. the longer it takes the more you will forget.
You are soooo correct! Thanks for the encouragement and prompting, it helps! They are close to being done...hopefully to be mostly finished this weekend. Hopefully. (:

Things look to be much better now. Still shaky and overdramatic at times, but on a definite upward swing. Thanks.

Yes, I can do that for you! Heck, I already posted a picture of a local lake in my very own street, though perhaps not what you were expecting. *grin* I'll take a Meijers photo or two, also.

Please teach me how to ice skate...
Okay, sure! But you'll have to visit the Detroit area for your lesson.

Sounds really good to me, thanks.

So, how are things?
Things are good!

What do you think you should improve about you?
hmm. I would like to approach life more boldly.

I'd like that too! And I bet we can make it can happen someday.

June 23...a thursday? I'd love to, thanks...I've put it on my calendar. We need to hang out more, I miss you!

How are you doing? It seems like you are sad about your birthday this year.
I'm doing better now, actually. I was a little bit down, but not exactly. It's more that I was in a "post-vacation slump". Generally I try to do something to make my birthday special, but my vacation had been so fun and so special that there was no way I could make my birthday live up to it. So I didn't try, instead I went the other direction and kept it quiet and subdued. I'm doing better now, and I feel like I'm coming out of that slump again.

Have you ever considered coaching skating?
Yes, in fact I did some basic skills coaching while I was in college. It was a lot of fun, and pretty good money for a college student actaully. I might dabble in something like that again part-time someday, but honestly I really like computer work, and I like using my brain and my creativity for a living.

Yes, I'd like to do that too! We'll have to figure out the details soon.

I am very Zen about you...
I don't know quite what that means, but Zen is good right?

Sure, I'd enjoy that. Sounds good, anytime when I'm not busy!

More picture posts would be nice.
Really? I sometimes feel like I post too many pictures, and not enough words. I like posting pics though, so I'll do more.

You already sent me the postcard, so I don't expect anything else
Okay, but you're allowed to ask questions if/when you'd like.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Also, what made you begin your LJ and how long have you been writing online?
Yikes! Let's see....I grew up in Suburban Detroit, and I currently live in Royal Oak -- a different suburb of Detroit. I started my own LJ after reading some others. I've always loved writing, and I've had many diaries and stories which start enthusiastically then tend to be dropped over time. I thought if I had people responding to my writing it would encourage me to do more. I had a static webpage for a few years prior to this, and I always loved when people would stumble over the page and write to me. I liked the interactive nature of writing in LJ, and quickly grew addicted.

How is a raven like a writing desk?
I don't know! Does it have something to do with Edger Allen Poe?

How big was your cycling group?
There were 7 people in Provence, and 8 people in Tuscany, as each week could be treated like its own trip. We lost 2 people after Provence but gained 3.

Yes, I definitely should! I really enjoyed my last visit.

What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen?
Yikes, that's even harder than the first question, about the best thing I saw on vacation. Umm....I'm going to cheat and just say, "the guy kayaking down my street on wednesday". It's really not true, but identifying the most amazing is just really tough!

to how many places do you have Pi memorized? Did it used to be longer?
I'm not a very good memorizer. I couldn't even tell you my sister's phone number. I know 3.14159, and I think the next two digits are 26? I used to know those for sure, and maybe 1 or 2 more, so I guess your answers are "just 5" and "yes".

ummmm...well...! No promises there. *grin*


How about tomorrow, say 11am?

How did you get into skating?
I was about 8 years old, and my best friend Christine was taking skating lessons. I thought that sounded fun, and my mom was looking for a new activity for me to try, so she signed me and my sister up for group lessons. Christine eventually got tired of skating and moved on, but I was hooked. I surpassed Christine, finished all of the group lessons available, then started taking private lessons. The rest, as they say, is history! I kept skating competetively through the end of high school, stopped for awhile during and after college, then joined my adult synchro team about 3 years after college graduation..

Um...something about an unladen swallow...
That depends, is this an African or a European swallow?

Can you recommend a good new song for me to listen to?
I recommend the Canadian group Great Big Sea, since they've been running through my head recently. Try "Ordinary Day", for example.

What do you see going on in your life five years from now?
I think I'll live on the moon and live exclusively on mushrooms. Actually, I don't know: I'm not good at making futurey plans like that. I'd like to be doing more with writing though, and also working for a different company doing cool programming and design work. I'd like to be athletic, healthy, loved, and happy.

Yes indeed, long overdue! Let's schedule something.

I've never played World of Warcraft, though I've heard you guys talking about it... is that a video game?
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