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The office is too cold today. Yesterday it was too hot. The climate control here is awful. Although I think it is probably due in part to people messing with the thermostat - I bet somebody was hot yesterday, and turned the temp way down, and now we all must suffer in the opposite manner. Probably the reverse will happen tomorrow, but you just never know!

I hate never knowing what the temperature will be like at work, and never being able to dress appropriately. Also, I'm tired. I think I would be happier curled inside my fluffy down comforter, perhaps with a mug of hot chocolate, perhaps with a shot of baileys, than I am here. I have a jacket draped over my shoulders in a vain effort to warm up.

Oh, and my rude cubicle-neighbor opened the blinds this morning just enough to expose his own window, but so that all the blinds would be in dangling front of mine. Why would he think I would want all of the blinds in front of my window? He just couldn't be bothered completing the very simple task of opening them all the way. I never want my blinds closed, but unfortunately if he wants his closed mine must also be closed (that's just the way the office window is set up). I always allow him to close them if he wants, because I am polite. Unlike him. He was also listening to his headphones incredibly loudly this morning when I came in. That same obnoxious driving rhythm I mentioned earlier. At least that's stopped, but I think it's just because he's at lunch.

Boy I'm crabby today. My other obnoxious cubicle-neighbor was driving me crazy this morning, talking to his son and his wife on the telephone. Practically every other word he uses is "Doh!". Or sometimes he'll use "Doink!". I'm sincerely embarrassed for him. What a pathetic way of speaking; does he have any idea how inane he sounds?? Probably not. He's got a loud voice, and an even louder laugh, and basically everything which he finds interesting or entertaining is something which I find indescribably stupid.

Okay, enough bitching for one entry, I suppose! Things are actually better right now - I'm still cold, but all my other irritations are either working quietly or at lunch. I'm not sure which, and don't really care. Speaking of which, I should probably have some lunch myself. I brought a yummy Lean Pocket.
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