alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Pisa to Certaldo, Sunday May 15

"Too busy making memories to write them down"

Sunday morning in Pisa, we began by revisiting that old leaning tower thingy. It was still leaning, so we took pictures of it.

We took the obligatory pictures of one another holding it up, kicking it over, balancing it on one finger, etc. This is what tourists are supposed to do here, after all! I even helpfully took pictures for other people with their cameras. One guy had a cute "carrying the tower on his back" pose which I helped him line up. I hope it came out okay. Lynn's "kicking over the tower" picture came out better than mine, but I think my "holding up the tower" picture was best.

I also amused myself by standing with my back to the tower for awhile and watching other tourists pose for their pictures -- it's a really funny sight, when you can only see the people, not the tower. Here's a picture of a lawn full of tourists doing various "tower poses". It's easy to make fun of them, but on the other hand I figure somebody somewhere has a goofy picture of me pretending to do "The Crane" to kick over the tower....
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