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Race For The Cure

Crossing the Finish Line Crossing the Finish Line

I participated in the Race for the Cure last week -- as you can see (I'm in the white hat), I completed it successfully. All 5 km! (Although I must admit that I only ran across the finish line, and walked the rest of the way.) No I didn't win. But I was proud to be there.
Posing with a Tiger Posing with a Tiger

The previous picture was supposed to be me sprinting across the finish line, doing a two-handed victory pose. But the timing got messed up, so I settled for doing a one-handed victory pose with this charming pink-ribboned tiger. You can click for a larger version.

Thank you, a billion times thank you, to everybody who donated! And not just those who donated to MY fund-raising efforts, but thanks to all of you who contributed money, time, or effort toward ANY cancer-fighting cause.

I love doing the Race for the Cure, because I love being a part of thousands of people uniting together toward a common goal. I also love how my friends here in blogland united against this disease as well.

Together we raised at least $770... more when you consider money donated in other places! You people rock.
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