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Siena Rain, Wednesday May 18

"Black Plague"

Wednesday dawned cloudy but not precisely raining. We slept in, because we weren't sure how the wether was going to be. Also, we were scheduled to spend three nights in Siena! This meant a glorious two days of riding without extra pannier-weight.

We were only given 1 route sheet for the 2 days, but it had a few different options. Lynn and I decided to visit a nearby castle that we had missed the previous day due to the rain. But we decided to spend a relaxing morning in Siena first, checking out the city. Siena is a pretty neat place after all. We'd have lunch then take off to the castle in the early afternoon.

We began our exciting day by doing laundry. After biking through the rain the day before, our clothes were really wet and muddy -- worst of all, our biking shoes were soaked. Given that we'd been on the road for 2 weeks, we had plenty of other clothes that could be washed and dried as well. So we found the Siena laundromat, and floundered our way through Italian laundry.

The woman working there was helpful -- almost too helpful. The thing I found about Italians is: you have to do things their way. No other way will do.

She began by babbling at us in front of the machine where you buy detergent and stuff. Nobody understood one another, but she was very firm nonetheless. She then trailed around behind us as we filled the machine, pointing out which buttons to push. When we went to the dryer, we wanted to use the cool setting since it was mostly bicycle clothes. She refused to let us though, firmly switching it to medium or hot each time we changed it.

Eventually we gave up and just left it at medium.
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