alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I am so busy these days! In the Olden Days, I could multi-task at work. Read/write emails, LJ, etc, while things were compiling or loading. Now because I'm pair-programming most of the time, a lot of my internet-time is gone. I'm behind on everything.

So if I seem quiet or out of touch, that's partly why.

My bro has not offered to let me name the baby, I just plan on doing it anyway. If Will had been a girl, he would have possibly been named Madeline, it had made the Top Two girls' names. I think it's a great name, and if it's a girl they must use it! That's all.

A boy named Madeline would be strange, so I'm willing to accept compromise if it comes to that.

My bro lives in Logan Square, and my parents will probably end up somewhat near there.

Ow, ow, arms are still sore. But I went skating this evening. Ow, now my knee hurts too. Stupid body.... get better, darn it!

My home internet was broken, but now it is fixed. Thank goodness for that; without it I'd never got anything done.

I need to javascript a pseudo-popup window tomorrow. I learned a new struts thing today though, a multibox, and it's pretty cool! Happy with the way my task is almost-working, except for the lack of a popup....

Must go to bed now. Tomorrow morning I will take out the garbage. Whee.
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