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Some good quotes

The quotes group had some good ones today.

First, a work-related one, since I do GUI programming:

"Usability is not everything. If usability engineers designed a nightclub, it would be clean, quiet, brightly lit, with lots of places to sit down, plenty of bartenders, menus written in 18-point sans-serif, and easy-to-find bathrooms. But nobody would be there. They would all be down the street at Coyote Ugly pouring beer on each other."
From Joel Spolsky's book, User Interface Design for Programmers

And second, this one rang ever-so-true! Unfortunately, no attribution:

"A study in Scotland showed that the kind of male face a woman finds attractive can differ depending where a woman is in her menstrual cycle. For instance, if she is ovulating they are attracted to men with rugged, masculine features and if she is menstruating she is more prone to be attracted to a man with scissors shoved in his temple."

Lastly, everyone loves the Peanuts philosophors...

"I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time."
Charles M. Schulz
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