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Sienna Loop, Thursday May 19 - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Sienna Loop, Thursday May 19
"Bigger than the camera"

Thursday dawned clear and blue-skied, much to my relief. It was time to get back on the bikes -- I'd missed Silver!

First though, the whole group wanted to watch the 9:30am movie on the Palio horse race. I'd wanted to see it the day before, but somehow it slipped my mind entirely. Fortunately it slipped everyone else's minds as well, so we all went to the theater together at 9:30. The very first showing is at 9:30, and when we got there a few minutes early the place was closed and dark. We waited around in the lobby, fidgeting in our bike clothing, eager to see the movie and be off. An Italian walked in around 9:37 or so and looked very shocked to see us all standing there! He looked at his watch in amazement -- apparently nobody comes to the early show, so he isn't accustomed to having to arrive on time.

The video on the Palio was very interesting, and I'm glad I remembered to see it. The whole event was made much clearer, and we got to see a video of an actual race! Pretty wild, that was, with horses tearing around the tight corners of the Campo. The Palio looks like it must be quite the spectacle, but I would probably only really enjoy it if I sprang $500 (or more) for the balcony seats. Most people throng in the Campo, for free, but I'd probably get crushed and I'd certainly not be able to see anything.

After watching the video, we became reacquainted with our bikes. This was a loop day, so we got to ride luggage-free! The ride was just beautiful, through areas that very few tourists get to see. Their loss, because it's stunning.

Leaving Siena, we passed an Italian man on a horse just outside the city wall. Naturally I snapped a photo. He didn't look quite like those insane jockeys in the Palio video, but he was dressed in riding silks at least.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: December 28th, 2005 07:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

Blog about Palio in Siena

Hi, I've just read your post, if you're interested in Palio di Siena take a look at my blog with lots of 2005 pics and a link to see the last Palio movie (free). Ciao...

Elitre, http://ilpaliodisiena.splinder.com
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