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Florence on Foot, Sunday May 22

"The Most Inefficient Tour of Florence Ever"

The bicycle tour over, it was time to spend a day seeing Florence. Apparently, the most important thing for a tourist to do in Firenze (Florence) is to see the Uffizi museum. Tourists will often wait in line to see this museum for three hours! Alternatively, you can reserve tickets over the internet and skip the line. We didn't think to do this from home, but when we were in Sienna doing laundry, Lynn tried to see if we could get tickets. She found a service that said it might be able to, and it would send us a confirmation in three working days.

Since we were going to be in Florence in only two working days, we didn't have much hope. But the evening we arrived in Florence, I paid 5 euros at our hotel to check my email. To my happy surprise, we had tickets! I just had to print out the reservation form and take it to the museum. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to print. I asked the desk clerk at the hotel, and hinted around that it would be great if he could help me out, but this produced no offers of assistance. Thinking to myself that he was being awfully rude, especially since we were the only two people in the lobby so he didn't have anything else to do, I hunted around on my own for awhile. Finally I got a little desperate and looked right at him with a bit of panic in my eyes asking, "Can you help me, please?"

He warmed up, but he still didn't have any printing ideas, until I suggested forwarding him the email. After all he had the hotel's printer sitting right next to him on the desk after all. Then he became cheery and helped exactly as I needed. Maybe he was just brusque because he didn't know what to do.

Anyway, our reservations were for 9:45, so we got up early to have breakfast and then walk over with plenty of time to spare. Walking through the Piazza Della Signoria, we were pleased to find the reproduction of Michelangelo's David, just hanging out in the square. This was its original location, until it was more indoors to protect it from damage. There were a few other cool-looking statues, that we vowed to look at more closely once we'd seen the Uffizi.

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