alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bugs and Naps and Such

My cat is snoring. Not loudly, but he's breathing deep and nasally. Or maybe he's just doing yoga -- they always had us do some weird breathing noises in yoga class.

I hate making noise when I breathe.

I also hate breathing bugs. You may think these are unrelated, but believe me I make a LOT of noise when I accidentally breathe a bug!

I inhaled two this evening, riding my bike to S&D's. Fortunately I had a lovely time with good friends once I got there, and I ate a lot of much-better-tasting-than-bugs yummy food, both of which made the evening completely worth it.

This afternoon, after reading January and February of A Year in Provence, I took a delicious nap. Often, my naps don't go well. For some reason I usually wake up from a nap in the middle of some kind of panic attack, disoriented and frightened, less rested than when I began.

This time, however, I woke up completely relaxed. It is so rare that I wake up all on my own like that, without the sound of an alarm, a dog barking, or a memory or appointment jolting me awake.

Instead, I just gradually realized I was awakening. I could feel all of my limbs, completely relaxed, heavy, and held down by what felt like more gravity than usual. It was just a delightful feeling, finding myself aware of my motionless body before fully reoccupying it.

I savored it for quite some time, my eyes still closed, my eyelids too heavy to open, my limbs too relaxed to move. When I did finally get up, I felt more relaxed than I have in a very long time.

Wouldn't it be great if sleep were always like that?
Tags: friends, sleep
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