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I am in Cleveland this week, for work. In theory, that should mean I'm writing a lot, doing some reading, and catching up on my sleep because I haven't got a whole lot else to do. In actuality, it just means I'm kind of grumpy and sleepy. My internet connection is kinda sucky, and in fact this hotel is kinda sucky. I think that if my company is going to expect me to take a full business week out of my life to travel, the least they can do is put is up in a decent hotel. This place is adequate, especially for a night or two. But it has no ammenities. Meanwhile, at home I'm paying for a health club I can't use, a skating session I can't attend, cats I can't cuddle with, etc, etc.

I know, I know...what a hard life, eh? Just feeling kinda surly and dissatisfied this evening. I DID clean up the last of my Rome report, but now I can't get FTP to work properly from here for some reason. I was tired all day, but right now I'm not really sleepy. Grrr!

Update: Okay never mind, I got the ftp working. Who the heck changed my password? Because of course I would never do such a thing... No, this is the problem with having a cute little ftp gui on my home computer that saves locations and ids. I didn't remember that the ftp password I'd set up wasn't the same as the main account password. (And really, who would do something so silly?)

That doesn't mean I'm not still crabby.

But that's okay; sometimes these things happen.

Tangent: sometimes I get into the rut where I feel like every journal entry I write should be Interesting And Important, and therefore when I don't have anything clever to say I lapse into silence. I forget that even the mundane little entries such as this one are useful to my future self, in remembering what I was doing and what I was thinking.

And although I freely admit that I love to write for an audience, (and I do love your feedback, dear readers), mostly this thing is for me after all. Sometimes I need to just let myself babble about Uninteresting And Unimportant crap now and then. It's good to be writing, at least, and I like to look back on my journal and know what was up.

Even if it's not especially fascinating.
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