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Books and Phones and Photos

This will be a nice week, because I am working at my own office, not in Cleveland. I like to travel, but all-week is a bit much for me. (Especially to Cleveland!)

Next week, it'll be back on the road most likely. I might look for a couple of books on tape, to make the drive better. I was telling folks in the office today about how bored I'd gotten, that I was actually taking pictures of myself while driving and writing emails to people with one hand! (I call blogging "email", when I don't want people to know about it.)

One guy bemoaned, "This is why people don't like cellular phones!"

I had to defend myself. "Well I wasn't actually talking on it."

"Sure, that will impress people in your obituary.... You need books on tape, that's what I do."

I agreed that would be a good idea.

From here, we launched into a discussion about Books on PDA, because apparently the Cleveland library will allow you to "borrow" an ebook. I guess you download it, and then it expires in 15 days or so.

How cool would that be?

It's a great idea, truly. I love ebooks, and I love reading on my Treo. It's so handy to always have a book with me! In fact, I need to find some more ebooks somewhere, because I'm nearing the end of the last one currently loaded. I can buy them of course, but finding ones I don't have to pay for is always nicer.

"My library is closed right now," I told him, and he reacted with a horror that would delight my many librarian friends.

So I'll have to search for more Treo books. But that won't solve my immediate problem of tedium while driving, at least not in a safer manner than my previous solution. I'll have to grab a CD or two or eight next time, especially if I'm driving by myself again.

Speaking of taking pictures while driving, the sky was amazing while I was leaving downtown Detroit last night. I snapped this lovely pic (carefully!) while pulling onto I-75 from Jefferson.
Sky while driving

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