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Motorcycle Getaway

Motorcycle Getaway Motorcycle Getaway

A couple of weeks ago, the weekend of the Fourth actually, I rode my motorcycle to Kentucky.

Okay, okay, that's not entirely true. Really I rode F's motorcycle, and I rode on the back. But it was fun! It was quite an unexpectedly pleasant way to spend the holiday.

Earlier in the week, I convinced him to help me buy myself a helmet. I figure that even if I don't ride with friends very often, it's still safer and more comfortable to have a helmet that fits well. And now I'm available at a moment's notice to accompany anybody on a motorcycle!

So we started driving south after smegs on saturday night. We stopped just outside of Cincinnati, where we got a cheap hotel room to catch a few hours of sleep. The next morning, we visited a couple of friends for brunch. Well, really they're F's friends, although I met one of them before. Even so, both guys were friendly and welcoming to us both.

S fixed the four of us a fabulous brunch. It was really amazing, with many varieties of tasty treats. It was a delightful meal, consumed on the patio in the sunshine. I enjoyed getting to know them. S teaches at a university in Michigan, but he summers in lovely Southern Ohio. K enjoyed showing off his swimming pool to us. "All my life," he told me, "I've wanted to have a pool." So he'd recently had an above-ground pool installed in his backyard.

The day was warm, and once we'd finished eating our fill the pool called enticingly to me. It was so blue and clean that it positively sparkled, quite unlike dingy Michigan water. I joked to S, "Do we have to wait 20 minutes after eating, or can we swim right away?"

S assured me it was all right, so we all changed into our suits. K asked, "Do you think we'll need toys?"

"Oh yes, definitely," I said with enthusiasm. I knew he had some inflatable toys, but I'd had no idea how many! He started bringing them out. Adult-sized inflatable sea creatures -- an alligator, a whale, a shark, a turtle, a sea monster, two different-sized dolphins... and those are only the ones I can remember. It was great! There were practically more toys than water.

We had a BLAST playing in the pool! We climbed on the different toys, had chicken fights, pushed each other off the alligator, swam, and floated in the sun. It was way more fun than I'd expected, and we swam for an hour or two.

K was kind enough to invite us to spend the night, so we agreed to return after we'd spent the afternoon riding. F wanted to drive down into Kentucky and ride on some of the fun twisty roads down there. After S fixed us some delicious tuna salad sandwiches, we struggled into our motorcycle gear and headed south.

After a few false starts, we found some fun roads to ride on. We did that for awhile, then headed back to Cincinnati when dark fell. We had dinner at a chili place, not Skyline, but a knockoff of some sort. When we arrived back at K's place, S and K had just arrived home from a party. We all walked their enormous dog together.

Monday morning July Fourth dawned with a delicious breakfast at Waffle House, then another dip in the pool. More playing with the giant flotation devices, more chicken fights, then some blissfully lazy time soaking up the sun while floating on a giant alligator.

Eventually we bid a sorrowful goodbye to my new friends, and headed back down to Kentucky. We found some new twisty roads, then happened across a restaurant with a ton of motorcycles outside. F suggested that those riders would know some fun roads for us to check out! So we went inside to ask.

K had suggested we visit a tiny town called Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Rabbit Hash is famous for having elected a dog for mayor. No, not just a nasty human being, but an actual canine. F mentioned to the bikers that we were thinking of going there, and that we were looking for fun roads.

They were clearly a group out for a ride, without any particular destination. They looked at one another and shrugged. "It's about an hour from here. Want to go for a ride? Sure. We'll take you there!"

There was about 10 of them who joined us, pouring out of the restaurant, onto motorcycles, and on the road to Rabbit Hash. Pretty cool! It was a charming little town, too, even if it didn't have much more than a general store.

After a lovely afternoon, some time spent riding, some time spent relaxing in the sun, we eventually started driving North again. The sun set, and it was the night of Independence Day. As we sped toward home, we could see all kinds of fireworks shows in the distance. We amused ourselves along the ride watching for them, and pointing them out to one another. The perfect way to end a fun-yet-peaceful little weekend vacation!
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