alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sunday Morning

My weekend mornings have been starting exactly the same for a couple of weeks now. First, my body wakes up earlier than planned. The times vary, but it's always startlingly early. "It's time to go do something," it tells me. "Let's go, let's get up!"

I get up, sleepy and grumbily. It is still early in the morning, so I settle in for a leisurely morning of relaxing before I start my day. I get comfy on my couch with a computer, a book, or the television, usually at least two of the three.

At this point my body looks around and realizes, "Oh, there's nothing important to do? We're just going to sprawl here awhile?"

Then my body gives up, gets sleepy, and I take a nap. Or you could just say I finish my night's sleep. I don't know, does it count as a "nap" if you've only been up for an hour or so?

Every weekend morning recently, this has happened. Now my question is: why isn't my body all eager to get up and get going on the mornings when I'm actually trying to get to work on time?
Tags: sleep
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