alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sock Puppets

E sent me a text message on monday, asking if I was traveling again this week. When I said I was, he said, "I'll check on things for you, and maybe do some laundry, if that's okay?" I said that'd be great, especially if he didn't mind dragging my (already filled) garbage can to the curb on wednesday.

I was telling this exchange to Curly, and she asked in shock, "He's going to do your laundry?!?!"

I laughed out loud. "No no, he's going to do his laundry, he just doesn't have to go to the laundromat this way."

"Oh that makes more sense, I just didn't think it was fair if you were asking him to check on your cats, do your laundry, and take out your trash while you were away...."

We were all hyped up on too many chocolate-covered espresso beans, and Curly continued enthusiastically, "I can just picture him hanging your socks on his ears and dancing around."

I'm not sure quite why we all found this conversation so funny, now that I'm typing it up. But at the time I laughed to hard that I bit my lip. I bit it hard enough that it's still numb, hours later.

Powers got into the game. "You have so many silly specialty socks, he could put on a whole puppet show. Monkeys, piggies..."

"And then the giraffes could come swaying in," and my mime of a hand wearing a giraffe sock, trying to make the sock look tall and long-necked, seemed much more hilarious than it should have been.

"He could pretend to make the giraffe eat your plants, and he could make little puppets could have conversations since you're not there to talk to...."
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