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Random thoughts on the bus ride from Burlington VT to Lake Placid NY

"People are either drains or radiators."
-Helen Fielding, Cause Celeb

My interpretation: they either suck out your vitality or they expand it and radiate it to the world.

Good thing to keep in mind, as you think about where you spend your time. I need to spend more time with radiators

Adkins (?) Vermont, an empty farm community with isolated homes and beautiful mountains looming above.

Funny to be huddled underneath such enormous beauty all the time. I wonder if they ever see it. But then maybe mountains become less extraordinary when they are always there.

There is beauty near my own home, which I do not spend enough time noticing.

Nature does not need to be gigantic in order to be beautiful.

I love the "main streets" of tiny little towns out in the middle of nowhere. I love seeing what they've decided to call their stores, what they sell, what they need, what they find important.

Looking out of the plane window at some point, I don't remember which leg of the journey, I saw a huge lake, and there were lots of rivers dumping into it. I looked at one such river, and noted that it had many smaller streams which ran into it. Each of these streams had even smaller streams adjoining it, and so forth, and I was struck by how much like the branches of a two-dimensional tree it looked, from above. Nature employs the same fractal design in two such dissimilar places, trees and streams. Wood and water. And many more places too, I know, although it had never struck me so noticeably until that moment.
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