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You Crazy Diamond

Here's a non-work story: I saw Neil Diamond in concert this evening. My friend A was lucky enough to get some free tickets, and she got a small group of us together to enjoy it. I almost didn't go... his is not usually the type of music I listen to, for one thing. I know some of his stuff, of course, but not much.

But he IS a legend, after all, and the ticket was free, and the company good. So I went along. I'm glad I did.

We were walking into the Palace and one of our group remarked something like, "There are a lot of older people here, of course. Like us. Well, the two of us, not you." She said this last bit to A and me, "You're too young for this concert!"

I grinned. "Yeah but I had nothing else to do, so I thought I'd check out this Neil...Ruby? What's his name? Neil Sapphire?" We all chuckled as we found our seats -- sixth row balcony, not bad at all. The folks on the stage were small, but my view was unobstructed, and I also was right near the big video screen.

I have this to say about the concert: bands today don't have enough horns. Gosh, I do enjoy the look and sound of old-style big bands, with horn players moving in unison and jamming.

I have this to say about the band: those guys produced some great sound, and they were FULL of energy! He said at one point that they'd been playing together for 30 years. The whole band? I don't know, but certainly none of them were young. But they rocked, seriously.

I have this to say about Neil: I hope when I am sixty-something years old I have that kind of skill and power. He owned the stage, he sounded awesome, and he was quite the dancer! The audience loved him, and he loved them right back.

Even though I was not very familiar with the music, I spent the entire concert moving to the music, tapping my feet, nodding my head, and clapping. I was startled to see that two hours had passed when it ended -- I quite enjoyed the show, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see him perform his magic!
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