alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Last night started out good, then became kinda bad, but then turned good again. Funny how much things change in such a short span of time. I went to bed, with C reading Bridget Jones aloud, and we both were laughing; that book is so damn funny. Then C got sleepy, and we turned out the light. Now I had been sleepy earlier, but all of a sudden I couldn't sleep at all. Probably too much laughing woke me up, plus C always wants to be warmer than I do. So he was cold and wanted to cuddle, while I was too hot and uncomfortable.

Then he fell asleep, and I was all alone and awake. I lay there for awhile, but just wasn't comfy, wasn't tired, couldn't sleep. So I tried to squirm my way out of his arms to go downstairs. I hate lying in bed not sleeping, so if sleep seems elusive then I generally get up and do something else for awhile. Anyway, I woke him up accidentally, and he was peeved with me. I covered him up, gave him kisses, and tried to leave quietly.

Seemed to be working, but then all of a sudden he was getting up too, and crabby to boot. Oy. I kept telling him to go back to sleep, but he was all "I can't sleep without you here, and it's freezing up here." It was pretty cold, my house is always too cold in the bedroom, but that's why I have a fluffy down comforter.

So we go downstairs, he turns up the heat, and he goes into the kitchen, "Bridget made me hungry," and he's eating NutterButters. I offer him some milk to go with, and he asks me if I'd like him to heat up some milk for me to help me fall asleep. I say no, that sounds disgusting.

But he insists that warm milk helps with sleepiness, and with honey it's delicious, so he makes me some despite my reluctance. It turns out to be pretty good, and we both have some. Now he's turned into all sweetness and kindness, not crabby at all, and wants to stay up with me and take care of me. Yay, I'm not alone after all, somebody loves me enough to stay awake with me!

Then I decide that maybe I can't sleep because I'm all sore and achy, so I take some advil...and one of my last sleeping pills...surely one of those will do some good. We go onto the computer for awhile and send out an email to some friends because we're trying to arrange a movie for saturday. Finally I'm tired, practically falling asleep in the desk chair, and he takes me back upstairs and finally we both fall blissfully asleep.
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