alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I have a new icon -- it's Duke wearing my parachute! Like it?

I'm watching City Slickers right now. Such a good movie. "What's the secret of life? One thing." One thing. Is it parachuting? hmm... Seems unlikely.

I don't have one thing; I have lots of things. I think that's okay though, to have lots of interests. Keeps life exciting, even if I never focus on one thing enough to be Really Great at it.

I wonder if I should try a cowboy vacation next? Or some other kind of horse-riding vacation.... Horse-riding probably isn't as much work as bike-riding, but horses have more personality.

It's saturday, it's the weekend. Haven't done much with it yet, but it's good to be home. It's nice to relax a bit.
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