alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I was making myself a nice poptart for a snack just now (cleverly stolen from the annoying hotel I was staying at this week). I pulled it out of my toaster oven by hand. This is how I always do it, tapping it off the rack and onto a plate.

This time it went a little wrong. A piece of the icing, which had practically liquidated, got stuck to the tip of my finger. I shook my hand, and it didn't come off. It just continued to get get hotter. Ack!

Finally I stuck the finger in my mouth and took the burning stuff off with my teeth. Telling myself it was nothing, I took my poptart to the couch with me.

When it didn't stop hurting, I took a glance. To my surprise, I saw three little white blisters had formed on my fingertip! I decided that deserved some attention, so I pulled out an ice pack for it.

Wow, maimed by my food. Ouchie! I'm typing this with one hand and one finger right now. It feels great, as long as I keep it numb. Thank goodness for ice, eh? I'm fascinated by the blisters; second degree burns are unusual in my line of work. Very weird...hopefully it'll heal quickly.
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