alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Dilated Vision

Today was my six-month post-lasik appointment. Only it was really seven months, because I had to reschedule due to my insane Cleveland travel.

It went really well! In the doc's words, it was "Just what we'd hoped." My vision is still 20/20, everything looks good, and the minor improvements he was able to make with his vision tools aren't enough to recommend glasses. Let's just hope it stays this way!

This was a more intense exam which required icky dilating drops. I don't care for those, though I accept their necessity. He used the most "aggressive" version, and he warned me that my eyes may still be dilated tomorrow morning -- yikes!

But they're not that bad: I had the drops around 5:30 and already I can see well enough to read this entry as I type it. My vision's a little fuzzy, but I'll be able to see fine tomorrow morning.

But when I first got them done, my vision was impossible! Just near stuff: I could see distance fine. We were going to schedule my next appointment, when I realized I couldn't make out any text on my Treo. No matter what angle I held it at.

He handed me a pair of men's bifocals, and I was able to (barely) read enough to enter the appointment. I felt silly-looking though. Having your eyes dilated is similar to being far-sighted, I guess, though not exact.

As I drove home, I thought to myself, "Hm, reading glasses, eh?" I'd been wanting to stop and the drugstore to pick up some shampoo and cat food and such. So after a quick stop at home to change clothes, I headed out there.

The first thing I did at CVS was to find the reading glasses kiosk. I found a pair, then proceeded to use them to shop. I couldn't see well enough to read any labels, otherwise! They improved my vision just enough that I was capable of reading, even though everything still looked crazy. Without them, I'd have probably ended up with laundry soap instead of shampoo!

When I'd painfully picked out my purchases, I put the reading glasses back and headed to the checkout. I handed the kid my purchases, then swiped my credit card. It was one of those do-it-yourself card readers, and it showed a message of some sort with four buttons on it. I didn't know what they said.

I turned the thing toward the cashier and said to him, "Can you read this for me? Because I can't see."

"Sure, it's okay, now is that a credit card or a debit card?" He spoke to me in that slow, friendly, gentle voice that people reserve for very small children or the handicapped.

"It's a credit card. I just had drops in my eyes, you see." I didn't want him to treat me like an idiot, and I didn't want him to think I was actually blind! I was standing there, after all, my car keys in my hand, telling him I couldn't see.

But he continued in that same gentle helpful tone, and I decided it didn't really matter. After all it did kinda make things easier. "I'll just put these in a bag for you," he reassured me, and he held the handle open and helped me load everything into my arms.

Then I walked outside to my car and drove away.

But that's okay -- I could see far-away! I just couldn't make out anything small or nearby.

My parents are in town to complete the sale of their house, and we all had diner at my sister's house this evening. When I went to there after CVS, I discovered I was in charge of the caprese salad. (Yum!) I asked my mom to pick out a knife that would slice tomatoes, since I couldn't see well enough to select one.

I washed the tomatoes, then took the long sharp knife she handed me. I stared at my blurry hands uncertainly, cautiously aimed the knife for the tomato, and debated whether this would work.

Then I remembered: my dad has reading glasses! I borrowed them, and they fixed my vision just well enough that I could carefully and safely slice the tomatoes. Hooray! I managed to complete the salad, and we all enjoyed the entire meal injury-free.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to see again. And hopefully for the rest of my life! (At least until I need reading glasses. I'm aiming for age 50.)
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