alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Random notes:

Very tired this week. Working a lot.
Haven't been LJing a whole lot, though trying to keep up via skimming.
I think I'm getting sick. Or perhaps I already am sick.
Sore throat, tender neck and glands, achy - but not very sinusey or anything.
So I don't know what that means!
Went skating this evening, for my last summer ice session. 'twas fun.
I actually did 2 sessions, which was good because it took me 45 minutes
to warm up and start feeling good and enjoying myself.
After, I bit my lip eating dinner this evening. Again. Ow.
I had french onion soup, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. All side dishes. Yum.
I need to write about the rest of my trip! Not just the Alphie parts.
The pony part for example. And of course the grandma part.
My sis asked me what I'm going to "do". Now that I'm not doing synchro.
She suggested starting speedskating again.
"Because you seem kind of lost," she said. I think I am, a little lost.
But I'm going to Colorado in October! Just got it confirmed...Yay! for that.
Chicago in 3 weeks or so... and of course I have to go back to Cleveland someday.
For now, I should aim in a bedwardly direction. Yes.
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