alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

More Random Notes

My cold has migrated its way into my nose. So I guess I was getting sick after all.
Yay for being right! Well, except that....
My nose currently shows clear signs of being on the verge of explosion.
I'm soooo tired; hopefully this silly cold will leave me alone soon.
I don't tend to sleep well when ill.
I'm watching Scrubs. Such a fun little show.
It's the weekend, no more work for two whole days. Oh thank goodness finally!
I'm not going anywhere, and not doing anything in particular.
I'm looking forward to being home for awhile.
Tomorrow I get to sleep in! -- hopefully I'll actually be able to sleep.
I hate being tired but unable to sleep... (but then, doesn't everybody?)
I have really cool new plaid socks!
They are the funnest socks ever, or at least the funnest socks I've worn all week.
Right now I'm wearing them with my tie-dye pants, and I admit it's a bit "too much".
But they looked awesome with my little pleated skirt earlier this evening.
Recently I proved that I'm fully capable of eating an entire dish of ice cream with chopsticks.
It was yummy, and pretty fun.
My thumb has an odd tingle in it, slightly painful, for no discernable reason. Quite annoying.
I need to paint my toenails again soon. Well not "need", but I'd like to. Eventually.
Then I'll watch them dry. Oooh, that'll be fun! (haha)
Someday I'll write something real again. Promise.
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