alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Skiing and Socializing

Today was my friday off. Awesome! I've been working hard, and lots of hours.... it's nice to have some time to myself. Quite the relief. SG also was able to take the day off, and we met for lunch and chit-chat this afternoon. Then.... we visited the ski shop.

They're having a big sale right now, and after all the fun that we had skiing together last winter, she and her Alleged Fiance have been trying to encourage my to buy skis of my very own. After much agonizing and debate, I did it.

I did it! Now I'm an official ski-owner. Yay! I did really enjoy skiing last year, and I know owning my own skis will encourage me to do it more. I would like to do more skiing this winter... now I just need to find people to ski with. I must go skiing lots now, in order to make the purchase worth it. Of course I'll go at least a few times with SG, and hopefully KB will organize her traditional outing and invite me along again... but if there are any other skiers out there, especially intermediate skiers, do let me know if you want company sometime! Gotta break in these new skis, ya see.

Speaking of social events, is anybody local interested in going to the Renaissance Festival on sunday? At first I was thinking of saturday, but I'd forgotten about smegs. I have a dinner appointment sunday evening, so it'd just be for the afternoon, but... any takers? Seems like most everyone has already been, but I haven't made it out yet this year. Could be fun.

Also, anybody going to Luna sunday night? Sheesh, I feel lame trying to plan my calendar via live journal, but it is a nice low-key way of checking if anybody wants to do something. I've been so busy yet anti-social recently, it feels weird trying to break out of this little cocoon. So I'm easing my way out, that's all. It's a start at least!
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