alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Home Safe

To all my SEMGS friends -- don't worry, I got home safe and sound! The ride was actually quite lovely, if a bit dark, and it turns out that the house is under 9 miles away if I don't forget where it's located.

My cats are playing with their new toy; they already love it. I'm worried though, as it seems like it'll be easy to lose. Guess we'll find out.

I had a wonderful evening; I really enjoy going to smegs (no matter how I spell it).

Update: The toy has been lost. I heard the sound of plastic rustling, so I returned to the livingroom. Robin was standing on the chair, rummaging through the bag where he'd found the toy when I came in. When I approached, he lifted his head and began meowing at me urgently.

My livingroom is full of furniture under which a little catnip ball can roll.

"Okay, where'd you lose it?" I asked him patiently. He continued to stand in the chair and meow.

"Come on," I continued, speaking the way we must with distraught cats or small children. "Where did you last see it? I can retrieve it for you if I know where you lost it."

I tentatively approached the sofa, but he didn't react. He went back to rustling through the plastic bag, apparently hoping it would be there again. Or maybe he thought he'd find another, I don't know.

I gave up and left him alone. By now, in the way of cats, he has probably forgotten all about it. Tomorrow I'll move around some furnture and see if I can find it again -- it will be a new and happy surprise for all the kitties!
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