alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Biking to Work

I rode my bike to work today again, finally! I don't do it often enough, because (1) I have trouble getting up in time to do anything but tear out of my house, and (2) I often have stuff to do during lunch or after work that a car makes more convenient.

Today I was actually still running late, but I decided to Just Do It anyway.

[Well, it was "today" when I wrote the above. Just got back from the bar, karaoke with SK and some coworkers, and now it's tomorrow.]

Anyway, I'm really glad I rode. It was a beautiful morning, and it was a cheerful ride. I was particularly pleased that none of the "isolated t-storms" predicted by came to pass this evening when I rode home.

I found a really good route this time. A note to my future self, or anybody else who would like to know how to ride from my house to my office:

Fourth past Campbell
R on Vermont
cross 11, 12
L on 13, R on Blair
R on Whitcomb
L on Vermont
pass 14, onto Wilson
L on Coolidge
cross Rochester
(R) Lincoln
cross Main
(L) Broadacre
R on Custer (or R on Washington, L Leroy, R Custer)
cross Maple
(L) Thunderbird
L on Oliver
R on Heide
through fence and apt complex
L on Kirts
R on Troy Center
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