alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Travel and Detroit

I had a great weekend in Chicago, but I'm once again travel-weary. I have two half-unpacked bags sitting in my bedroom, one from Chicago and one from New York. Tomorrow (too) early in the morning I leave for Ohio, for work. Just a 3-day trip, but still.... I'm tired, that's all I'm sayin'.

Other than that, I'm going to Wisconsin and Colorado in October. Both for awesome reasons, but still.... with luck I won't have to squeeze an Ohio trip in there also. I'd do okay with personal travel, if I weren't doing so much work travel. Or vice-versa (well, maybe).


Alphie and I visited Detroit this evening, with our friend who rides a motorcycle. It was such a fun trip! We cruised Woodward, all the way down to the river. We saw the Spirit of Detroit and The Fist, we soaked up the delicious breeze on the riverfront, and we saw some beautiful neighborhoods.

Not many beautiful neighborhoods though, unfortunately. And lots of neighborhoods that used to be beautiful, once, too many years ago. Falling apart, burnt out, boarded up. But you could see how magnificent they were once. So intriguing and fascinating to look at. Such a tragedy, really.

Riding through some of the seedier parts of Detroit, I found myself feeling a bit uncomfortable. But I knew we were on a fast motorcycle that could get us quickly out of a bad situation if necessary. Also I knew I was not alone, and that helped.

But at the same time, it made me sad that I should be uncomfortable. Especially when we were just riding through neighborhoods, even if they were run-down. I mean, there were people sitting on their front porch, there were some people hanging out with friends under a streetlight -- I was embarrassed that I was thinking about how I might have to run away from a place that was their home. People live their lives here, how sad that I should be nervous driving through.

And yet, practically speaking, it is wise to be somewhat nervous, to be a cautious. There are all kinds of reasons why it's important to be extra-aware of your surroundings, even when you're giving yourself a little sight-seeing tour of the city. Unfortunately. I just would prefer it didn't have to be that way.
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