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Ren Faire

Yesterday I didn't leave the house at all. I wrote myself a to-do list that was so pathetic, I had to mark it private. For example, the first item on it was "shower". When you are dragging enough that your to-do list is topped with a shower, and you don't get around to it until after 8pm, you know the day is a lost cause.

"De-tangle hair" was entry number two. To my relief, I succeeded with only minimal hair loss. So I won't have to cut it all off and start over after all.

Today was a much better day! I got up semi-early and met thatguychuck at the RenFest! Finally, I managed to go. It was a really great time. After thatguychuck kindly escorted me in, I sat in The Amazing Tomak's booth for awhile. I admired the merchendise, and watched a Washing Wench show. I also enjoyed catching up with folks.

A short while later, davehogg and aiela showed up. I wish I had remembered to ask how she pronounces her username. We had a fun time touring the various shops and taking in some shows. As Dave says, the RenFest is all about Hair Toys. I got a cool one (is it okay to link this pic?) Dave did a great job in capturing our adventure here.

We saw 4 shows, and I had the most delicious caramel apple. I really like my nifty hair toy (which is allegedly a physical representation of the mathematical formula for Pi! Not just pretty, but geeky too -- coolness). It was great hanging out with them and getting to know they better, and I also really enjoyed having Chuck show off "his" booth.

Definitely a good day. Now I feel very allergic though, and it's time to try to get some sleep!
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